Anyone Worldwide

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Anyone Worldwide

Anyone Worldwide first came out with the Checkerboard Black, which is still one of the rarer and more expensive decks today.

Anyone Worldwide became known through one of the best cardists named Noel Heath who is still there today and surprises again and again.

The next idea after patterns were flags, the first ones were Europe and the USA which are still the most valuable ones today.

Anyone has managed the collaboration with the well-known cardists Dan & Dave Buck and created the two decks Smoke 2020 and Mirror 2018 with them, these are supposed to remind of the old Smoke & Mirror decks by Dan & Dave which appeared for the first time in 2008 and there are seven editions.
There have been other collaborations with ASNYC and the artist B.THOM STEVENSON, who recently started a second collaboration.

A1WW was also involved in the BlackLiveMatter movement with donations when you could order the Cap Logo Purple on pre-order.

At the end of April Anyone Worldwide opened its own showroom in Denmark and released decks there.

Anyone is one of the top brands when it comes to cardistry decks.